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Our Conifer & South Evergreen Community Committee (CoSECC) website is a place where you can join dedicated community members who volunteer their time and expertise to advocate for important local issues, including the need for: robust fire protection infrastructure including realistic evacuation plans, routes, and alert systems; increased availability of emergency and urgent medical care; sustainable groundwater availability complemented by low environmental impact wastewater treatment; measures to improve traffic safety, minimize peak congestion, and promote safe community access; and a Jefferson County government that is more responsive to the needs of our mountain communities.  Additionally, we are a non-partisan, non-profit community advocacy group which is operated solely by its local members.

The Conifer Heights PD is Back! Conifer Heights PD SDP Pre-application (1/25/2022)

— Conifer MD Applies for TDS and Chloride MCL Variances: CDPHE Variance Application Preliminary Response (5/12/2022)
— Violation Enforcement Action: CDPHE NOV/CDO, August 22, 2019, Issued Against Conifer Metropolitan District

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