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Listed below are a few things that the can do in the very near-term, for example, if you have questions or concerns about a particular community issue, you can contact the agency responsible for providing or regulating that specific service.

Concerning Conifer Center

Conifer Center: Foothills Housing 1, LLC (“Foothills Housing”) proposes to rezone the 47.12 acres at Light Lane near U.S.-285 in Conifer CO, currently zoned A-2, to build 188 residential dwelling units (DUs), up to 20,000 sq-ft of commercial space, and unspecified community uses as a Planned Development (PD).  The case is currently on pause while the lawsuit that Foothills Housing/Stuart Borne Manager has filed against Elk Creek FPD works its way through the court, please stay tuned.

The Conifer & South Evergreen Community Committee has carefully researched this proposed development project finding the following deficiencies:
— Fire Protection – Elk Creek Fire Protection District Fire Chief Jacob Ware has sent Jefferson County Planning & Zoning a letter stating, the District would be “UNABLE TO PROTECT” this high-density development were it to be constructed, going on the recommend against the project, meaning, the District would find it extremely difficult to successfully supress an onsite fire or an approaching wildfire at such a high-density development.
— Water/Wastewater Treatment – Foothills has not satisfactorly demonstrated how it plans to construct the proposed development in that it has no identified legal rights to withdraw local groundwater as raw water no means of raw water treatment,  no means of wastewater treatment, and no means to return withdrawn groundwater to the local fractured bedrock aquifer.
— Ingress/Egress – The one-way-in and one-way-out nature of the access to the site, literally, creates a death-trap at the site due to the fact that all emergency rescue and evacuation routes would be cutoff during an emergency event.

If you wish to express your concerns about the Conifer Commons proposed development, you may contact Planning & Zoning Case Manager Mr. Nick Nelson via email here:

Concerning the Conifer Metropolitan District

Conifer Metropolitan District (CMD) operates two utility systems in service of the commercial properties at Conifer Town Center, a Water Treatment Facility (WTF) and a Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) — each is regulated by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE).  Due to serious mismangement by its previous directors leading to its default on $13M bond endebtedness (currently at more than $31M), CMD was placed into receivership by the Jefferson County District Court in late 2016 under the direction of the receive, Cordes Company.

After extensive system design, as-built construction, and operational reviews by the cognizant authorities at CDPHE, CMD went online in 2005.  Unfortunately, shortly after operations began, CMD started receiving advisory notices from CDPHE for a wide variety of Maximum Contamination Level (MCL) violations, failures to perform required sampling, proper water accounting, and other significant infractions.

As a result of violations of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) continuing over a number of years at CMD, on August 22, 2019 the Colorado Water Quality Control Division (WQCD) of CDPHE issued a Notice of Violation/Cease and Desist Order (NOV/CDO), Number: DO-190822-1, under which CMD continues to operate.  CMD continues to operate while violating not only TDS, but also a number of other MCL violations at both its WFT and WWTF, continuing risk public health and safety, yet it seeks to serve the proposed development at Conifer Commons.  You can find the CMD Cease and Desist Order issued by CDPHE here: CMD NOV/CDO.

If you wish to express your concerns and/or ask questions about operations at CMD, you may contact CDPHE WQCD via email here:

Upcoming Events

Planning Commission public hearing for Rezoning Application 20-111200RZ, Conifer Center: Not Scheduled.

Board of County Commissioners public hearing for Rezoning Application 20-111200RZ, Conifer Commons: Not Scheduled.

Pointers regarding how to prepare for testimony at public hearings before either the Planning Commission or Board of County Commissioners: Please email us with any questions you may have:

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